Healthy Boundaries

with Kym Ventola, founder of NINE Retreat 

Boundaries are the key to reducing anger, resentment and exhaustion. They communicate self-worth and self-respect.
— Kym Ventola

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Kym Ventola

Benefits to setting boundaries:

  • Reduce & eliminate resentment, guilt, anger, drama and exhaustion

  • Feel empowered, appreciated and valued (personally & professionally)

  • Attract healthy + supportive partners and friends

  • More courage + freedom to be your true self

  • Have more mental, emotional and physical energy

  • Learn to say “no” without apologizing

  • Speak up and be heard

Benefits to knowing your Core Values:

  • They highlight what you stand for

  • They give clarity about what’s important to you

  • Clarity to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you

  • A core part of your self-identity and self-awareness

  • They can help you in setting boundaries

  • They can guide behavior and choice


Kym is approachable, knowledgeable and warm. You can tell that she is passionate about helping women flourish while aiding them in the journey of self-discovery. A lot of “self-help gurus” talk so much but they do not listen in return. Kym is not like that. She welcomes feedback, ideas and comments/concerns with warmth and gratitude, allowing the audience to feel less like an audience and more like a partner/active participant in their journey. Kym is vulnerable and walks that very fine line of sharing too little or too much pristinely. As a result of this, you learn to trust her because you relate to her. You never feel like she likes to hear herself talk. You just genuinely get to feel like she wants to contribute positively to your life and wellbeing.”

-Kaitlyn Jorgensen


are you feeling…



It’s a sign that a boundary has been crossed



Could be a sign that you’ve been saying “yes” out of guilt or obligation.

Or maybe you’re giving too much of your time and energy when you don’t want to.



A sign that you may need to slow down and turn some of your energy and attention inward.