An expansion of the NINE Retreats for community, education & support at home.


Mission Statement

The NINE Collective is an expansion of the NINE Retreats. It is an opportunity for NINE Alumni to create a safe space for community, education & support for women once returning home. It is for women that have never been to NINE & those that want to continue their connection & experience together.

The experience is like having a mini-NINE in your living room/patio/dining room each month.

There is NO COST to join NINE Collective.


General Guidelines

  • Hosts must have already attended a NINE Retreat

  • Host one monthly gathering in a distraction-free environment (no children, family members, TV, cell phones, etc)

  • Groups will be up to 12 women

  • Serve great food instead of alcohol! (we have a strict rule about no drugs or alcohol at NINE for the group’s wellness)



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For women who have attended a NINE Retreat in the past




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Photo by Dana Grant Photography

Photo by Dana Grant Photography

A message from June, Director of The Collective

I attended my first NINE retreat in 2017 in Vermont.  To say that I was nervous would be a huge understatement. I was very excited about the content of what I would experience at NINE, but at a loss for what to expect in sharing the experience with 40+ women (that is just so many women). I’ve had wonderful relationships with women in my life, but not typically in such high concentration and all at the same time. 

So, you could say I went despite all of the togetherness. When I arrived, palms sweaty, heart beating rapidly, I was immediately received with open arms, literally. I felt safe, open and seen from the moment I stepped out of my car. That is the feeling that stayed with me until the moment the last magnificent woman drove away. I was one of the last to depart the retreat; when I went back up to my empty room, I cried and felt a real loss that my sisters were gone and it was over. 

Upon returning home, I got to work applying all of the new skills, ideas and habits that ultimately have changed my life…. BUT there was a nagging at my heart, a tug, the desire to be surrounded daily by the love and support from all of the women I met, and I couldn’t shake it. 

That’s when I contacted Kym (founder of NINE). I told her: “NINE inspired me! I want to start a WOMENS GROUP, I never thought this would happen to me. I want to build the community HERE, AT HOME! I know other women must feel this way, I don't want anyone to feel alone again.” She and Kimberly (coordinator of NINE) shared that they were hoping to create something like this — and The Collective was born!

I am so grateful to have been invited onto the NINE team as the Collective Director. I can’t wait to talk to all of you about gathering women around you and building a community together!


A message from Kristen Cain, Co-Director

“NINE changed my life”. I heard so many women make this declaration when I attended my first NINE Retreat in Vermont in 2017. Previous students who’d returned for more of the NINE magic were quick to share how much they’d benefited from the NINE sisterhood. I was hopeful that I'd 'feel the effects' and that my life would change, as well.

Without hesitation, I can say that the many positive changes I’ve experienced over the past 18 months can all be traced back to that week in the Vermont woods. The lessons I learned at NINE helped me shift my perspective and begin taking action to create the life I desire.

I was humbled when asked to teach at NINE in Montana in 2018. I gladly returned as both a teacher and a student. Again, the impact of that week was profound.

After Montana, I spoke with Kym about the how to best support the women after NINE. We agreed to begin hosting post-NINE check-in calls with each student. Through a series of weekly video chats, we offer support and sisterhood to the women once they’re back in the real world. Attending NINE can stir up a deep desire for growth. The calls provide a safe space to share the struggles and the wins.

My belief in the NINE community runs deep. I’ve seen the positive effects of this sisterhood in my own life. I’m honored to be the Assistant Director of The NINE Collective. The Collective brings a dose of NINE magic right to your living room. You have the ability to create a NINE sisterhood in your very own town, sharing the power of this incredible community with the women in your tribe.


A message from Natasha Helwig

I attended NINE in September 2018 as a teacher. NINE retreat changed my life. It’s that simple.

After leaving NINE, the continued support and friendships with everyone is long lasting. Spending one week with these women has created what I think will be lifelong friendships and continuous support with many. There hasn’t been a single day since September that I don’t see the women of NINE cheering each other on, spreading love and encouragement amongst one another. It’s like I’m apart of a secret sorority of positivity that no one knows about. I’ve always had trouble allowing others to help me, however with the women of NINE I know that when I need it, there is someone, legit any single last one of them, that if needed I could call on. And that STILL feels crazy to me.


A message from Norina Murphy

“I am not going to lie, when I first heard of the cost of going to NINE, my immediate answer was “I can’t afford that!” I like nice things as much as the next person, but I have NEVER in my adult life spent a large chunk of money on myself—for my kids, sure; for my husband, yup; but for me: it was never a yes. After being encouraged a bit, I decided to take the leap and attend after considering what investing in myself was really worth. Sure, it costs money; it was also time away from my family, time off of work. But I was able to acknowledge that I was running a one-woman show and I was running it on caffeine and dumb luck alone. I had a sick husband, 2 babies that needed me, and a caseload of clients. No one was getting a full person, but a shell of a human who was desperately hanging on by a string. NINE taught me the importance of self care, to outsource, have better boundaries, to let people in, to ask for help. I’ve stopped coming from a place of scarcity and opened my eyes to tools around me and, more importantly, within me to help me flourish, thereby helping my business grow and my family thrive. Since attending NINE, I have doubled my monthly income, gone from a one woman show to hiring 3 employees and having more confidence than I’ve ever really had in my abilities in 41 years of life. So, is NINE worth the investment? I’d say there is no price I would pay for increasing my tribe, my happiness, my self love. Now I prioritize this retreat YEARLY and my husband and children support me in going because they’ve seen the transformation. They, too, benefit from having a more centered mom and wife.”