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Manisha Thakor

Keynote Speaker: The Art & Craft of Financial Well-Being

Manisha will teach us a powerful rule of thumb to engage in healthy spending going forward, and a unique tool call “joy-based spending” to help you squeeze more happiness out of each dollar you spend. Manisha will help us feel deep calm, clarity and confidence about personal finance. 

Manisha is the Director of Wealth Strategies; has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is author of On My Own Two Feet, a modern girl’s guide to personal finance and Get Financially Naked: How To Talk Money With Your Honey.

Resides in: Portland, Oregon
Media Reel: View here 
Instagram: @manishathakor


Natasha Helwig

Helping Women Seek Progress Over Perfection

Natasha will help you seek progress over perfection after experiencing toxic relationships, dating abuse or domestic violence. She will give you the tools needed to rebuild your self-worth, heal your heart, create a new vision and to share your story. 

Natasha is the Founder of Broken Heals and Author of Random Notes From A Broken Girl, and is a Certified Coach.

Resides in: Toronto, Canada
Book: View here
Website: Broken Heals
Instagram: @natashahelwig


Kym Ventola

Setting Boundaries: Reduce Resentment, Judgment & Comparison

On the first evening, Kym will lead an honest conversation about showing up as your true self (no mask, no judgments, no comparison) to reap the benefits of every experience & lesson at NINE.

She will help us define and set boundaries to reduce resentment, anger and abuse for a more peaceful life. She will open up about her own struggles & trauma and give you tools to find your voice for healing.

Kym Ventola is the Founder of NINE, a Life and Business Coach.

Resides in: New Hampshire
Instagram: @kymventola


Mary McGrath

Taking Action Towards Living Extraordinary Lives

Mary McGrath is a passionate cultivator of relationships, organizations, and personal development. At NINE, Mary will help us "wake up" by seeing who we are, owning who we are and taking action towards living extraordinary lives. Mary will help us conquer fears and find our voice. 

Mary is a Business Owner and Certified Master Trainer in Leadership Skills.

Resides in: Washington State
Instagram: @mbeldenmcgrath


Norina Murphy

Coping with Anxiety

At NINE, Norina will teach us how to cope with anxiety and understand the stigma of mental health. You will also witness an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) demo and learn about it’s benefits for PTSD and trauma. She will also be available for 1-on-1 therapy sessions (limited spots available).

Norina Murphy, LCSW is a Licensed Therapist with a Private Practice. She's a Professor at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). 

Resides in: Southern California


Bree Manninen

Practical Mindfulness Tools

At the retreat, Bree will teach us practical mindfulness tools for a more meaningful life. 

Bree Manning is a Certified Meditation Teacher; Mindfulness Tools for a Meaningful Life. 

Resides in: Bozeman, MT


Mackenzie Collier

Defining Your True Purpose

At NINE, Mackenzie will be teaching about defining your true purpose and chasing after it like your life depends on it (spoiler alert: it does). She believes that we have the power to step into our purpose with passion, knowledge and the support of a community. She will also be available for 1-on-1 sessions (limited spots available).

Mackenzie is a Business Owner, Interior Designer, Coach and Teacher. She graduated with honors from the Interior Design program at Harrington College of Design in downtown Chicago. She also has a BS in Psychology from Michigan State University. 

Resides in: Phoenix, AZ


Kristen Cain

Simplify Your Life

Kristen Cain is devoted to empowering women to cultivate a simply beautiful life. At NINE, Kristen will teach you to become more organized, relaxed and joyful. She'll also help you define your style and create a wardrobe you actually love wearing. 

Kristen is an Anthropologie Personal Stylist and owner of The Together Act. She's a style, simplicity and mindset coach, helping women to recognize that their thoughts create their reality. 

Resides in: Boulder, Colorado
Instagram: @togetheract


Lauren Schellhase

Living Your Best Life

Lauren will share her personal story of transformation through attending NINE. A self-proclaimed "Negative Nancy", Lauren will share the tools that she uses to combat negativity and mediocrity in her daily life. Life is what we make of it and we truly have the power to make it amazing! In your time with Lauren, she'll go over how gratitude, judgment, fear and friendship can make or break your daily attitude. 

Lauren is passionate about her family, her job as a Realtor, taking care of the environment and empowering other women.

Resides in: Phoenix, Arizona
Instagram: @sonoranlauren


Dana Grant

Official Photographer for NINE Retreat 2018!

Resides in: California

Instagram: @danagrantphoto



Are you interested in teaching at the next NINE Retreat? Feel free to reach out so we can get to know you.