Apply to be a Teacher at NINE 


Thank you for your interest in teaching at NINE!

Our teachers are a critical part of the transformations that our students experience. We require that all teachers arrive 1 day early and stay the entire time. This allows deeper connections, trust, and comfort. We invite our teachers to become students when they are not teaching. Many of our teachers have walked away from NINE with breakthroughs of their own and a stronger community that feels like an extended family.

At NINE, we are all teachers and students.


All positions for our 2020 retreat have been filled.

Thank you.

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We do not allow any illegal drugs or alcohol at NINE. No exceptions. Are you comfortable with that? *
We are not a faith-based experience. Women from many religious backgrounds attend NINE and it is not the focus. Are you comfortable with that? *
Are you ready to be a part of a life-changing experience with humility, love and honesty? *
(you wouldn't be applying if you weren't, right?!)