ONE-ON-ONE + small group classes  


The form below is for our incredible Spring 2019 teachers and photographer!

Tell us what you would like to offer to our attendees during free time.

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Small Group Classes are 90 min each

One on One Sessions are 50 min each

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Which days (during free time) would you like to offer 1-on-1 sessions and Small Group Classes? *
We ask this in case you would like to have a day off. No pressure either way. Offer as many or as little as you like. Free time is from 4 pm - 7 pm We will schedule your small group classes for you, but you will be responsible for scheduling the 1-on-1 sessions directly with the women.
Do you need a TV for a power point presentation? *
We will have an online form for them to fill out when they reserve a spot and the info will be sent to you.
ONE ON ONE Sessions
50 minutes each The women will pay you directly. It will be your responsibility to collect the money. You will schedule the sessions directly with the women within the free time window.
How will they feel empowered?
In the past, our teachers have charged an average of $90. We realize that this may be less that you're used to charging, don't feel pressured! But feel hopeful that these women may sign up for additional coaching sessions with you, if you offer them virtually.
Accepted forms of payment? *
Please check all that apply
90 minutes each These classes are NO CHARGE for the attendees. Do not feel pressured to offer them! This is an opportunity for you to give back and connect with a small group of women on a deeper, more intimate level after your main class. This is also an opportunity for you to promote/sell 1-on-1 Coaching sessions (if you offer them virtually) post-NINE. You can offer a discount or package deal and bring handouts to your class if you like!
How will they feel empowered?