The Power of Seasonal Healing - Thursday at 4 pm

The Power of Seasonal Healing - Thursday at 4 pm


Teacher: Randi Kay

There is so much wisdom in the seasons and cycles of the natural world. And when we live in accordance with these seasons, we can reap the unique benefits of each one and prepare ourselves properly for the ones to come. But with today's modern technology and conveniences, we tend to tune out these wise cycles and ignore the dangers of living outside of alignment with the rest of our surroundings. 
In this class, we will bring to light the healing benefits of each season, learn how to fully embrace the different seasons of nature and of life, tune into the powerful cycles happening within our own body, and identify how we can use all of this knowledge to benefit our health and well-being.

Important Details:

  • Date: Thursday, 4/12

  • Time: 4 pm

  • Location: TBA

  • Fee: $0 (all small classes are no charge!)

  • Time: 90 minutes

  • Total spots available: 6

  • Randi’s website:

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