Preview of Simplify Your Life

Preview of Simplify Your Life


Stop Saving Your Best Life For Later

How to create a life that's simple, authentic and beautiful

Teacher: Kristen Cain

Date: 9/10

Time: 4 pm - 5:30 pm

Total # of spots: 9

Also included: A digital copy of Kristen's Find Your Simple - Questionnaire and Cheat Sheet and her Wake Up Your Wardrobe online course

Kristen Cain is a Style & Simplicity Coach who thrives on helping women create simple, authentic, beautiful lives...often starting with their wardrobes. She empowers women to recognize that personal transformation absolutely possible. When asked why she does this work, the answer comes easily… "I do this work because I spent years being utterly overwhelmed, exhausted, bored and impatient with my life, all at the same time."

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