post-nine Montana 2018



Look at this group! Look at those strong, empowered and happy women.

Take a minute to reflect back on this moment.
What were you feeling? Do you still have that feeling?
Are you in need of a little more support right now?

NINE Montana '18 continues…we’re not going anywhere.
You are important to us.



We’ll talk about the goals that you set in Montana and how we can support you today.

  • Each video chat is 60 minutes long

  • Sign up for your first check-in today

  • You can choose between Kristen Cain or Kym Ventola’s calendar (the difference is dates/times)

  • You’ll have a total of 3 check-ins (once/month)

  • After your 1st check-in, we’ll send you a link to schedule the next 2

How to prepare:

  • First, SIGN UP (link in the button above) for the first video chat and put it on your calendar

  • You’ll get an email confirmation with date, time and directions to log in for the video call

  • Grab your NINE Journal and choose 2 goals that you wrote in your journal (we’ll be going over those during the call)

  • If you can’t find your journal, download a digital copy here:




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