Kristen: Thursday at 4 pm

Kristen: Thursday at 4 pm


Topic: Find Your Simple {Customized Style & Simplicity Coaching}

Kristen Cain was a NINE Teacher last year in Montana. She is joining us in Lake Tahoe as our NINE Collective Co-Director. Kristen is the owner of The Together Act. She's a Style and Simplicity Coach and an Anthropologie Personal Stylist. She has decades of experience helping woman look and feel amazingShe has offered to do 1-on-1 sessions during free time — these are very popular!

Ask Kristen anything. This is your time to explore an area of your life where you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Maybe it’s in simplifying your schedule, decluttering your home or your mind, building an incredible wardrobe or becoming a better shopper. 
Whatever the topic, you and Kristen will unpack it together. She'll help you find workable solutions to up-level your life. 

You'll walk away with a clear vision of what you want and proven strategies to begin taking action. You'll learn tools and techniques so that you can create a life that's simple, authentic and beautiful.  

Important Details:

  • Thursday at 4 pm

  • Fee: $90

  • Duration: 50 minutes

  • Pay Kristen directly at NINE

  • Payments accepted: CASH, PAYPAL, VENMO


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