Preview of Krista: Sept 9 at 4:15 pm

Preview of Krista: Sept 9 at 4:15 pm


1 on 1: Health & Nutrition

with Krista Moreland

Date: Sept 9

Time: 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Topics to choose from:

  1. 3 P's: Plan, Prep and Protect Your Nutrition - CUSTOMIZED PLAN FOR YOU!

  2. Mindset & Strategies Around Food

  3. Macro Tracking 8 Week Course Discovery Session + Extra NINE Discount With The Session

  4. (Fun) Workouts

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1) 3 P's (Customized Plan for you!) Let's talk about where you are on your nutritional journey and let me teach you and show you how you can Plan, Prep and Protect specifically for yourself. We can template 2 weeks of meals and create a grocery list that you can implement when you get home. We can also talk about some of the things that become roadblocks for you and how to maneuver around them! I will also give you 50 of my favorite tried and true Macro friendly recipe list for free!

2) Macro Tracking 8 Week Course Discovery Session; PLUS: Extra NINE Discount With This Session. This is for people who are two feet in and ready to get their health and nutrition in CHECK. You know your next step is with me and you don't want to wait till we get home you want to lock your place in on my roster and you are ready to invest in your future self and health. You are not looking for a quick fix or a pill to reach your goals you are wanting a solid foundation that will heal you nutritionally from the inside out. A process you can learn and understand for a lifetime so that you no longer reach for quick fixes. I will be giving all Nine women a NINE Retreat rate but anyone who books this session will get additional discounts and my Macros Made Easy Ebook for Free.