Your fee will be donated to Sycamore Community Garden

Teacher: Kym Ventola

Date: Wednesday, 9/12

Time: 5 pm

Limited to 5 women

  • Kym is the founder of NINE and a Business + Life Coach

  • This class is for women looking to create healthy boundaries in their personal life to reduce resentment and frustration

Signs that you may need Healthy Boundaries:

  1. You take responsibility for other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions or make them responsible for yours. You believe that you can somehow “make” other people like you by doing what they want or that you can somehow save yourself from the judgment of others.

  2. You are angry or frustrated all of the time. Anger and frustration are your clearest indicator that your boundaries have been “threatened” or crossed. If you are harboring a lot of anger and tend to step into rage easily (flipping people off in traffic, yelling at people, or worse!) this is an indication that you have lost touch with your boundaries

  3. You feel resentful towards people: your clients, your boss, or your children. Resentment lets you know that you are repeatedly letting someone cross your boundaries and that you likely haven’t even established any boundaries to start with and can eventually lead to ultimatums.

  4. You let people walk all over you and you rarely stand up for yourself. You might even stay in relationships with people who just aren’t a match for you and your needs.

  5. The only way you know how to get what you want and need is to be manipulative, abusive, and/or passive-aggressive. Perhaps you lie or use self-depreciating humor as a way to get compliments.

5 Healthy Benefits of Boundary Setting

  1. Contribution to Others' Well Being

  2. Freedom From Bad Behavior, Fear or Pain

  3. Increased Self Esteem and Self Respect

  4. More Respect From Others

  5. Requirement for Honest, Direct Communication

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