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How to Have a Breakthrough & Recognize a Breakdown

In this journal entry, we will discuss how to have a breakthrough and how to recognize a breakdown. When focusing on our self-growth mindfulness can add a great deal of insight into what leads us to certain emotional states and stages in life. Here we explore the meaning of a "breakthrough" and recognizing our "breakdowns" as well. 

“A breakthrough stops partway - the emotional material emerges, but it gets capped before it can see it’s way through to release and solution.

A breakthrough goes all the way through the transformation path. It is a deep emotional cleansing, a collapse of the false structures that have ruled our lives, a breaking through to a more genuine state of consciousness."

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A Wellness Coach Shares the 1 Daily Self-Care Practice That Helps Her Feel "Connected"

Although working out and eating a healthy diet are important parts of a well-balanced life, self-care is just as importantKym Ventola, a wellness and business coach and founder of Nine Women's Retreat, emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness to her clients, because if you don't feel mentally or emotionally healthy, you won't feel physically healthy either. To get some insight, we spoke to Kym and asked her about her own daily wellness practices. She shared one in particular that she just can't get enough of.

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