To be seen and heard

Sometimes, we’re not really looking for answers — we’re just looking to be seen and heard. That’s one thing I’m most proud of about NINE. We listen. We don’t pretend to know everything; we don’t pretend to have it all figured out. NINE is full of humility; full of women who pay attention, who listen and really hear you. 
Sure, you have to be ready to trust that being with a group of women is actually going to be fun! 
Are we stuck in this idea that there might be cliques, judgement & comparison? This is completely understandable if you grew up going to school, parties, clubs or teams and felt a strange disconnect and felt left out!! If we’re honest, haven’t we all been there before?? 

NINE is full of intuitive and empathic women who see when someone is hurting, when someone is feeling alone. 
Like a magnet, the one you were looking for (your soul sister??) connects with you and listens. We listen in pairs, in small groups and we listen as a big, badass tribe of women finding common ground.

Sure, we’ve got answers - lots of them, actually; but most of all, we are ready to see and hear you.

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kym ventola