"There is beauty in being humble....."

Wisdom from Author + Certified Coach Natasha Helwig!

“There is beauty in being humble. However, there is influence in being confident. Humility is appreciated and helps develop trust and connections within relationships, however sometimes being too humble about things can make you appear less confident about what it is you're doing. Share your successes and never apologize for kicking ass in different areas of your life.”

Natasha taught at #nineretreat in Montana last year. What a gem of a woman!

Natasha is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in introspection coaching, group workshops and developing and facilitating transformative events for both men and women across the Greater Toronto Area. Tash founded Broken Heals in 2011 out of a deep desire to provide much needed support to women who have experienced heartache, dating abuse, toxic relationships and trauma.


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