The most important relationship....

Online relationships cannot replace real, live, in-person connection! There’s just something healing and irreplaceable about being physically present with another human being. Reach out to someone today and make a human connection!

At NINE, the most important relationship we want you to heal and build on is the one with yourself. When you leave NINE, we want you to feel more connected to who YOU are at your core. We want you to have more clarity and confidence when you answer the question “who am I?”. There’s a really good chance that you will form new friendships while you’re there; but don’t put the pressure on yourself to become friends and stay in touch with every single person there. If you walk away with 1 or 2 close friends (someone you can call at anytime of the night, someone you can spill your guts to, someone that will celebrate the good days with you) then you have acquired something important and valuable. Remember: Quality over quantity. 


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