The cycle of fatigue and stress is real

There’s a moment in most mom’s lives where you feel like you have no patience or energy left to go on. But then you get the kids to bed, sleep a few hours, wake up a little more hopeful for a fresh start. Then everything repeats.
The cycle of fatigue and stress is real.

I asked my mom about her and my grandmother: did they experience this level of stress like some women today?
The answer: ABSOLUTELY. 
They just didn’t have social media to open up about it.

I remember walking into the kitchen getting ready to ask my mom for breakfast (I was probably 7 or 8) and seeing her quietly cry at the sink. I slowly backed away thinking she was sad about someone dying on her favorite soap opera (no, I really did). Truth: she was tired. She was dealing with more than a 7 year old could EVER comprehend. But she did it quietly and tried to pull it together when we were around.

My mom was here visiting me last year and shared an incredibly similar story about her own mother; a mom of 6 kids in Detroit, Michigan. She could hear her own mom crying, alone, in the basement over an ungodly amount of laundry.

Through my own days of sadness and fatigue, I remind myself that we’re all doing the best we can. But can we continue this way without a community, without self care, without a chance to step away and breathe? 
I’m not sure. But we’re here, NINE is here if you need that chance to get away and take care of yourself. Xo
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