Show Up. Come As You Are.

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This post below from #nineretreat teacher @shade.ashani ! YES to all of this. I relate so much; when I created NINE, I was pushing myself out of the female comfort zone. For some of us, we’ve had negative (and sometimes traumatic) experiences with groups of women. There is another way. We can be better, and we are. There are loving, healthy, supportive women and experiences available to you. We happen to be just one option. 💛

From my girl Shadé:
“Sisterhood. Community. Support. Get you some. 💛💛Allowing myself to be seen authentically, imperfectly, in my humility, in process, in need, halfway there, in hopefulness—has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. “Show up.” “Come as you are.” Cute catch phrases but have been so hard for me to embody as someone dropping out the perfectionist template. Showing up to yoga class without my mat and without the right clothes on because I was coming from something else has allowed me to be supported and held by community. Showing up to the sister circle without a meditation planned and being willing to cry has allowed me to receive the love that my heart needed so much. Let yourself be SEEN. So you can be loved right where you are. In all your humanity. In all your need. You’re beautiful. Right where you are.”

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