Roommates at NINE

Unconditional, non-judgmental, all-encompassing love — that's what a group of truly incredible friends can give you. At NINE, we make it our mission to connect you with like-minded women who are as interested in connection as you are. If you're feeling apprehensive about diving in deep with a group of strangers, we hear you! And if you're nervous about SHARING A ROOM, again, we hear you!

It can be an intimidating thing at first. But all the women who have gone to NINE have had amazing experiences with their roommates. "My roommate was the best and most perfect person I could have been paired up with. We pillow talked late into the night and really got to know each other in 48 hours. We've become so close with each other in such a short amount of time," Candice Gerdes @__mamaste__said. "It felt good to walk into a space and disarm; all armor down.”

We know that sharing a room with a woman may sound like something you did in your teenage or college years — and adults don't do things like that anymore. You're not alone in thinking that, but at NINE, we work hard to create an open, loving space where sharing a room with another woman won't feel intimidating, but rather intimate and heartwarming.

"It can seem overwhelming to walk in to a room of strangers, but I feel like I've known them my entire life. It felt like I was taking a deep breath.
There was no reason to be scared, reserved or to feel timid," Candice said.

We take great care in gathering a group of women who are invested in personal growth and development, which is why sharing a room with someone isn't nearly as scary as it might seem. You might be surprised to learn that your roommate becomes a dear friend -and that sharing a room kind of restores your youth ☺️Plus, the space of our September retreat is absolutely gorgeous, so you'll be enthralled by the lovely accommodation.

If you have any questions about sharing a room or who you'll be sharing with, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you and make your experience at NINE the best it can possibly be. 

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