"Release ourselves from lies"

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“When you make the decision to attend a NINE retreat, you know that you will grow and learn and take home valuable new life tools. What’s harder to predict is: Which moments will crack you wide open? Which moments will change parts of you forever? Which experiences will bring to the surface parts of you that need to be healed? During our time with teacher, Mackenzie Collier, I had such a moment. We made of a list of our perceived flaws, the lies we tell ourselves, and in pure collective silence we walked to this space where we were invited to BURN that list…to release ourselves from those lies. It was the single most powerful moment of the week for me. My heart burst wide open, the tears flowed rapidly and as I cried, I was held up by my sisters. I am forever grateful for the release, the healing and the love of that morning!”
June Lantzer - Montana 2018

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