Real Talk: Mackenzie Collier

From our dear friend Mackenzie Collier ::

“Real talk - in 2016 I was suffering both personally and professionally. I found myself drawn to the @nineretreat Instagram page. I watched for months as the retreat spots filled up, 4 left, 3 left... I had never spent more than the cost of a pedicure on self care before- the cost of the retreat was more than I could imagine spending on myself. Then I randomly got paid on an unexpected design job- I watched the check clear into my account at midnight, and booked the retreat at about 12:04 AM. On the second day of the retreat I remember thinking it was so BEYOND worth the price-that it was worth so much more. And if we’re being real- I’ll tell you my business has doubled in revenue since my first Nine- DOUBLED (thanks mostly to new boundaries!). I had never made space and time for myself like that before. Space to be seen and heard and felt. Time to heal and explore and focus inward. I felt so honored to witness other women who were doing the same. Something magical happened out in that Oregon forest then again in Greer and in Vermont. I met my tribe and I started on the journey of really getting to know and love who I was naturally. Pretty rad. Nine doesn’t magically solve your problems, but it helps you strip away what isn’t important so that you can get clarity on what actually matters to you.

At Nine I’m both student and teacher and without fail, I’ve discovered something incredible at every Nine. I can’t wait to see who I’ll meet and what I’ll learn next month in Montana! If you’re drawn to go- there are still a few spots left! ❤️

Mackenzie Collier

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