I'm Learning. They're Learning.

“I’m learning” • “They’re learning”

If you’re being hard on yourself, if you’re consumed by a mistake you made, something you said or didn’t say, if you’re feeling like you’re not doing enough or too much, say: “I’m learning.” .
If you’re feeling ticked off, offended by or frustrated with someone else, say: “They’re learning.” Remember: others actions are not about you; it’s a reflection of their own reality. We have a choice to take it personally.
If you’re consumed with a situation that is bringing you unbelievable pain or stress, have patience and compassion...for everyone involved: you, them, every person. .
The truth is, most of us are trying our best. Sometimes one person’s “best” looks different to you....maybe it’s not enough. .
Start with this practice of compassion and patience. If your mind is consumed with a negative situation or person (self or other): first, take a deep breath. Take another. And another. Breathe in love, exhale hate, anger or negativity.
Next, close your eyes and imagine that you’re in a big room with an open door in front of you.
Visualize this person or situation just on the other side of the door. If it’s difficult to visualize their face, then picture them standing with their back to you. Now say the words “You’re learning. I’m learning. I have patience and love.” Now gently shut the door. You just set a mental boundary. “Walls keep people out. Boundaries show them where the door is.”
This room is your safe space. Positivity, love and happiness have a home here.
Now continue to visualize other people and situations where you want to set boundaries. Add new doors for them. Do it with love. For your sake. If you’re angry....it’s counterproductive. That anger still exists in you. Keep practicing and remember: “I’m learning.” If you are struggling with boundary setting, you’re not alone. I’ve been learning and practicing for years.

Still learning,

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