Don't Make Assumptions

How will the fire department know if your house is on fire if you don’t call them?
How will your doctor know about your illness unless you tell her your symptoms?
I could go on with these examples, but the point is:
How will your friends or family know that you need them if you don’t tell them or reach out?
Don’t wait. Don’t guess or make assumptions. Don’t read into a text, a tone of voice, an unreturned phone call. Just be clear, open & honest in the same way you would call 911 and give them details about the emergency. 
I appreciate every one of you that reaches out to me when you’re in need. I know it’s not easy. You may feel like a burden, but that’s not your responsibility to worry about what I might be thinking or feeling. Making assumptions can be incredibly toxic and counterproductive. 
Switch your thinking and tell yourself how worthy you are of love and friendships, support and clarity. Start with opening up and reaching out. Otherwise, I may never know.

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kym ventola