Building Your Resource Library


Contributor: Kristen Cain

It’s been over a week since Montana 2018!

Hopefully, you’re finding your groove post-NINE. Your mind has been opened to new ways of thinking and behaving… and it’s awesome! But what happens when you need a boost or are feeling ready to stretch yourself even further? It can be extremely comforting to have a collection of resources at your fingertips. Building a library of go-to books, podcasts, videos, etc. can be a huge help when it’s time to navigate big changes, keep the momentum going or ramp up your motivation.

Here’s a small list of easily accessible resources. They offer information and guidance that could prove valuable on your journey to live your very best life! Some of these are pulled from our incredible GroupMe feed. (WOW! The energy and support offered on that app is beyond fabulous. Keep it flowing!!) The rest are favorites of mine. I find that even the ‘previously read’ or ‘already heard’ items on the list are worth revisiting as they offer a new nugget of wisdom every time.





The Better Life - Kelsey Van Kirk (mentioned on the GroupMe feed)
Magic Lessons - Elizabeth Gilbert
Pursuit with Purpose - Melyssa Griffin


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