Take the Risk or Lose the Chance


Take the risk or lose the chance. Most of us fear the unknown, so our actions and statements set us up to play it safe. Our words are spoken without understanding the consequence of allowing them to become our reality.

“I would love to travel to Europe, but that’ll never happen for me.”

“Oh, I will never be able to afford that experience.”

“I know I need to take care of myself and get away for a while, but I have so much work to do.”

“I want to ask for a raise, but I probably won’t get it.”

“I want to ask ____ out, but they’re probably not interested in me."

Your language determines your reality! If you feel like you’re constantly missing out on opportunities or experiences, pay attention to your words. Ask yourself what you fear and challenge yourself to push past that fear.


The Benefits of Taking Risks

  • Taking risks allows you to be more creative and use all of your skills and resources.

  • Taking risks helps you learn and grow. Shifting possibility into reality, taking risks gives you a fresh opportunity to build confidence in your abilities. When you take small steps to stretch your limits, you can begin to take on more significant challenges more easily. These challenges move us closer to the life we’ve envisioned for ourselves.

  • Taking risks opens you up to opportunities that may not have been there before.


The reality of taking risks though means you must accept you are not in control. Not taking risks, however, doesn't actually give you any more control in a situation. Complacency can be a risk too, and inaction is still a decision.


How to Take Smart Risks, Comfortably.


1. Check Your Ego at the Door (so it can open)

Let go of excuses. When taking on a new challenge, it can be easy to allow excuses or self-sabotage stop you from moving forward. Identify which concerns are genuine and which ones are negative self-talk and work on eliminating them.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. What’s the worst-case scenario that could happen if you took this chance? How likely is this worst case scenario going to happen? What could you do to prevent it? Having a mental plan can help you replace fear with constructive solutions.

Learn what you need to learn to be successful. Is there related training or additional skills you could use and acquire through education of some kind? Build your self-confidence through attaining knowledge and expertise might be just what you need to take the risk more comfortably.


2. Leave the Past Behind

Don't allow past mistakes or failures to instill fear. Failures are inevitable for everyone and are essential learning experiences unique to you. Remember, you are not the same person, you have had different experiences that you've gained greater strength and wisdom from. That strength and wisdom gained from your previous experience can be used to assist you in your next choice.


3. Be Brave, Confront Your Fears

Taking risks often means entering unfamiliar territory. At times, the size of your fears could distract you from seeing the benefits of taking the chances you may need to take to get to the next phase of your path.

Ask yourself what does it cost you if you don’t act?  Is it costing you your happiness or personal fulfillment? What does your intuition and gut instinct say?

You’re never in this alone. Mentorship and coaching are available in so many forms nowadays. They can help create a roadmap for your goals. Find a supportive group related to the area in life you're looking to change but feel like you can’t or make friends with others who have a similar goal. These strategies can help add to your support system, self-confidence, and keep the momentum flowing towards positive change.


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