What does NINE focus on?

When you hear the term "wellness women’s retreat", you probably have an image in your head of a group of women sitting around a campfire holding hands.
Well, we do hang out around a campfire, but that’s not the whole picture!
We like to think of the NINE Retreat as an all-encompassing wellness program.

Health and wellness don’t exist within a vacuum. Being healthy and happy is about so much more than working out and eating a healthy diet. We believe that wellness has its place in all avenues of life. These are the areas we’ll cover in our retreat in September in Montana:

    • Physical wellness including yoga, obstacle courses and nutrition

    • Mental wellness including meditation, therapy and healing circles

    • Professional development and financial advice

    • Personal development such as discovering your identity and purpose

    • Discussions on boundaries, expectations and communication

    • Bonding and friendship opportunities

Each of these serve a specific purpose in your life, and they each deserve time, care, and attention. For example, you could be physically fit and healthy, but perhaps your career isn’t going in the direction you’d like it to go. Or maybe you’re doing great at work but your personal relationships are suffering.

At NINE, we bring in smart, powerful teachers and coaches (each of whom have an incredible amount of experience and education) who can help you strengthen every part of your life, not just your fitness and diet.

That’s why NINE tuition is worth every penny. We give you the tools you need to make positive, lasting changes in your life. We hope you will join us!

kym ventola