Self-care mantra

One of the core mantras we teach at NINE retreats is “You can either be a victim or a creator.” How does this apply to wellness? Well, think about it this way. We're always creating excuses for ourselves when it comes to eating well, taking care of health, and exercising regularly. We tell ourselves we're too busy, work is too hectic, our family is asking too much of us, our friends need us, etc. But rather than falling prey to external circumstances and convincing ourselves that it's out of our control, NINE teachers encourage us to take control and create the life we want to live — not turn ourselves into the victim.

We love this mantra because it's not shaming or condescending. It's empowering. It makes you realize that you have control over your day and your choices — no matter how busy your schedule is. So in the moments when I feel like I'm too busy to cook a healthy meal, get to the gym, or spend time with my loved ones, I remember that I'm not at the whim of my surroundings. I'm the one who has the power to dictate my time and energy spent. This gives me the strength to think critically about my to-do list and get rid of the things that don't serve me.

kym ventola