Personal Finance at NINE


NINE Retreat Fall 2018 Teacher: Manisha Thakor
Topic: The Art & Craft of Financial Well-Being

Manisha is the Founder of MoneyZen, Author of On My Own Two Feet, a modern girl's guide to personal finance and Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money With Your Honey.

For so many of us, the mere thought of dealing with our personal finances is enough to make us cringe. Imagine what life would feel like if the opposite were true – if each time you thought of your money you felt deep calm, clarity, and confidence! That is the goal of this talk. When women embrace financial well-being as part of their definition of overall well-being, magical things start happening for her, her family, and her community.

As a NINE Fall 2018 attendee, you will learn why personal finance is a source of stress for so many (even those with “plenty”), a powerful rule of thumb to engage in healthy spending going forward, and a unique tool call “joy-based spending” to help you squeeze more happiness out of each dollar you spend.

“We do not need more financial information. We need financial wisdom to help us redefine our relationship to money and create lives in alignment with our deepest values. I call this, money zen.”

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