How to Have a Breakthrough & Recognize a Breakdown


Recognizing a Breakthrough

In this journal entry, we will discuss how to have a breakthrough and how to recognize a breakdown. When focusing on our self-growth mindfulness can add a great deal of insight into what leads us to certain emotional states and stages in life. Here we explore the meaning of a "breakthrough" and recognizing our "breakdowns" as well. 

“A breakthrough stops partway - the emotional material emerges, but it gets capped before it can see it’s way through to release and solution.

A breakthrough goes all the way through the transformation path. It is a deep emotional cleansing, a collapse of the false structures that have ruled our lives, a breaking through to a more genuine state of consciousness." @nineretreat


How to have a Breakthrough

  1. The truth? Hit a low point. If you’re not at a low point, then you may not need a breakthrough. You may just need some coaching or a few changes in your life. By acknowledging that you’re at a low point (some call it “rock bottom”) then you are unlocking your own power to make a dramatic change. The acknowledgment must come from you; not a friend or family member. YOU.

  2. Stop SHOULD-ing. Remove the word from your vocabulary for now. “I should get healthy”, “I should ask for a raise”, “I should spend less time on my phone”. Try “I WILL”.

  3. Make a plan. Make a decision. Act. Use Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule.


Admitting a Breakdown

A breakdown occurs when expectations do not meet the outcomes in our reality. The build-up to a breakdown begins when we ignore our feelings or our triggers without processing why we have them or ensuring we are protecting ourselves.

Often, on the road to a breakdown, our inner voice might say to us, "I don't care. I am over it. I can take this risk it won't hurt me. I don't want to seem weak." Allowing the opportunity for self-sabotage to occur, by throwing ourselves into a vulnerable place without a clear head, armor, or a foundation to stand on.

A breakdown comes when you surrender your power to others, to fear, to the voice in your head only speaking words in the languages of guilt, shame, and defeat.


What can lead to a breakthrough moment?

A breakdown can provide an opening to a breakthrough if we recognize and accept the truth about an unhealthy situation. Learning how to have a breakthrough requires putting aside our ego and being open to introspection. The question is can we redirect our unhealthy self-talk into constructive and supportive speech that allows for actionable changes in our lives?


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