The NINE Woman


“I created NINE because I know what it feels like to be lost.”

  • "Do you love your phone more than me?": my 3 year old son
  • "Do you want a divorce?": my husband
  • "You're making too many mistakes.": a client
  • "Are you depressed?": a friend
  • "Do you have an eating disorder?": a family member
  • "I feel like I don't know you.": a friend

I created NINE because I know what it feels like to be lost.

Years ago, my life felt false. I didn’t recognize my face or my voice.
I didn’t know how to set boundaries; I lacked confidence and a voice. 
I was judgmental. I was angry. I was scared. I didn’t know how to love myself the way I loved others.
On the outside, it looked like I had it together. Inside, I felt like I was slowly dying.
Lost. Lonely. Angry. Afraid. 
Alone in a crowded room. That’s what every moment felt like.

I wanted a strong community free of judgment and gossip.
I craved a place where women could bypass the B.S. of small talk and connect on a deeper level. I wanted women to feel seen & heard. I also wanted something adventurous and fun. I wanted the spirit of summer camp without the gossip and drama.

Instead of wondering where it was, I created it. 
NINE is the experience of community, healing, adventure, learning & empowerment for women.

NINE is the number of wisdom, completion and fulfillment.

NINE is finding yourself, your sisters, your voice, your purpose, your identity.

Know that you are not alone.

—Kym Ventola

Lindsay Lennartson