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Arizona Women's Circle & Panel

Have you been curious about NINE? Have you been talking to friends who have attended and/or following along with them on social media and wondering if the NINE Retreat is the right fit for you?

If so, join us Tuesday, July 23rd for an evening of honesty, connection and laughs! If you are craving an authentic connection with a group of incredible women, the NINE community is a fantastic place to start.

We will be holding a panel discussion that will discuss topics such as:

  • Seeking purpose

  • Defining boundaries

  • Balancing responsibilities with your passions

  • Developing female friendships

  • Relationships & family life

  • Business and professional strategy

  • How NINE has affected the panel members' personal lives and careers

  • What to expect at a NINE Retreat

  • The speakers will also be taking questions and happy to answer any you may have!

Our speakers for the panel include dynamic NINE Retreat alumni who are allstar moms, business women and/or past NINE Retreat teachers. It's a fantastic lineup of powerful, generous and badass women who are sure to inspire!

RSVP by Monday, July 22nd 2019

“We offer a safe space and community for women to share, bond and uplift one another through discussion, wellness and education. Our goal is to reinforce female strength and purpose by understanding and validating their natural gifts and qualities.”