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Post-NINE Advice from Mackenzie Collier:

  1. SHARING: No one is entitled to hear about your experience at NINE. Most people won’t understand. They might be dismissive, negative or skeptical. It’s perfectly ok to be vague, “I was at a women’s retreat. It was great.” Over time, you can decide who you feel comfortable sharing the magic with. 

  2. DISCOMFORT: Pay attention to where you felt discomfort. That’s where you might need growth. Be brutally honest with yourself about this. Grow. Grow. Grow.

  3. ACTION: A notebook of vague ideas and random notes won’t help you change your life. You need to create action items based on everything you learned at NINE. Make a list of what you plan to do to change/grow. Then schedule it on your calendar. Make time and space for the growth. Prioritize it. It might help to create an accountability group with some NINE sisters. 

  4. REACH OUT: When you find that you are having a rough day or that you are struggling: reach out to your NINE community. When you are proud of yourself, reach out to your NINE community. Use this network of support; it’s here for you always! Never suffer or celebrate alone. Make plans with your NINE community. Even if you live far away, we can do Zoom/FaceTime/Google Hangouts to stay connected! I (Mackenzie) always leave my Fridays free to connect with people, so hit me up! 

  5. RELATIONSHIPS: Have patience with your friends and loved ones. They didn’t get to learn from NINE. They might want to grow individually or better support you but just may not know how. But alongside this, take no shit. You will find that after NINE your intuition is on overdrive. Pay attention. You are amazing and not everyone deserves to have access to your magic. It’s ok to outgrow people and move on.


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July 27 - 31, 2020


Off-the-grid and disconnected.

Spend your time with us hiking, swimming, laughing, learning, relaxing, and coming home to who you are.

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This will be the only NINE Retreat of 2020.

We’re opening registration up to this community first. It will go live on our website on September 27.


NINE Discount

Receive a $100 discount for every NINE Retreat you’ve attended.

Been to NINE Retreat 3 times? Receive $300 off our 2020 Retreat!

Retreats in which a scholarship was awarded do not qualify.


NINE Scholarship Fund

Many of you have asked about contributing to our NINE Scholarship fund to help make this life-changing experience a reality for women who deserve it. Our team (Kym Ventola, Kimberly Goeman, and Shadé Ashani) will review all applications and award scholarships together.

We will make a list of all sponsors on our website, unless you prefer to be anonymous. Just let us know.



NINE Business

We love to support businesses of the women of NINE! Apply to have your business listed.


NINE Collective

An expansion of the NINE Retreats for community, education & support at home.