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NINE Retreat was born out of a passion to bring women together in a safe, non-judgmental and healing place.

Kym Ventola, founder of NINE Retreat, noticed that a lot of women around her were feeling disconnected, stressed out and lonely. She became aware of the lack of opportunities available for women to collectively celebrate, learn and empower one another. The absence of this experience led Kym to form NINE Retreat, a successful and trusted retreat designed to heal, inspire, and transform women.  


NINE Retreat earned its name because of its numerological meaning. The number nine symbolizes wisdom, responsibility, intuition, compassion and great strength of character - a definitive representation of women and their intrinsic qualities.


NINE Retreat's core values:


“We offer a safe space and community for women to share, bond and uplift one another through discussion, wellness and education. Our goal is to reinforce female strength and purpose by understanding and validating their natural gifts and qualities.”

–Kym Ventola, Founder of NINE  



Meet the ladies that make the NINE Retreat happen every year


Kym Ventola

Founder of NINE Retreat

Kym Ventola is a business & life coach based in New England.

"I prefer clouds & rain over sunny days, camping over boutique hotels, flea markets over malls and reading over watching TV."

Kym is wildly passionate about living a #lesswaste lifestyle, environmental and peace & justice issues.

She married her husband, who is a social worker, in 2000. Together, they have an 11 year old son and are planning to adopt a baby this year. Kym is also a manager for a community garden.

Website: kymventola.com
Instagram: @kymventola


Kimberly Goeman

Co-Coordinator of NINE Retreat

Kimberly originally started out as the Studio Manager for Kym Ventola Photography in 2014 and has seen NINE grow from an idea, to one of the most fulfilling and life changing experiences it is today. She is honored to walk along side the women from the moment they first reach out, to helping them coordinate their travel plans, to spending an amazing week together and the forever friendships that form thereafter. 

Kimberly is a San Francisco Native, that currently resides in the Arizona desert with her husband of 9 years, her almost 4 year old son and surprise….a sibling on the way!  

She loves the sun, traveling the world, chocolate and all things color coordinated and labeled. And emails! She loves your emails, so send her one now at: hello@nineretreat.com.  

Email: hello@nineretreat.com



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