NINE 2020


Imagine arriving at a towering forest of 500-year-old trees, where you take an easy riverside walk with new and old friends to the venue. Take a deep breath, inhale the clean air and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the forest.

Spend your time with us learning, laughing, hiking, swimming in crystal clear water, relaxing, and coming home to who you are. One of the best gifts that you can give yourself, your family, your business, co-workers, and friends is to disconnect from everything. At NINE 2020, we'll be unplugged so that you can be completely present all week.

Arrive meeting perfect strangers and leave with a new extended family. A support network that will last, where YOU matter and so does how you show up for others.

This is what we’re co-creating at NINE and we’re inviting you to be a part of it.


July 27 - 31, 2020

Opal Creek, Oregon

Spend your time with us hiking, swimming, laughing, learning, relaxing, and coming home to who you are.

What does my experience include?

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All beds are provided with a bottom sheet, pillow and pillow case; you will need to bring your own sleeping bag or warm bedding.

Bath towels will be provided by NINE.


Meals and Snacks

All meals will be seasonal and vegetarian.

Snacks, drinks, water and desserts will be provided.

Bring your own reusable water bottle; we’ll provide coffee mugs


Main Classes and Workshops

NINE 2020 is focused on:

Healthy Communication and Relationships

Strengthen Your Intuition and Inner Wisdom

Meditation and Healthy Boundaries

Loving the Body You’re In

Simplified Wellness: Eliminate Distractions and Manage Your Time

Every NINE retreat is unique. At NINE 2020, you’ll have more opportunities to talk directly with each teacher: ask questions, share your story and your wisdom. Be seen and heard on a new level with fewer teachers and longer classes to foster more connection & conversation.


Join a highly-curated community of womxn who are choosing to step up as leaders in their own lives, families, and communities. You will go on a journey together exploring what it means to be a woman, how pain and unnecessary suffering is showing up in your life, and we will give you the tools to design and call-to-action to the life you truly deserve.

We have guided over 100 women through life changing transformations.


What is the cost?

$2400 / person

How can I qualify for a discount?

For every NINE Retreat you’ve attended (and paid full price for) in the past, you’ll receive $100 off the total price.

Attended 2 retreats? $200 off

Attended 5 retreats? $500 off

Email us to get your discount code.

What’s included?

Accommodations (nights of July 27, 28, 29 and 30)

All meals and snacks

3 days of workshops and classes

Notebook & journal

Adventure activities

What’s not included?


Transportation to and from venue

Sleeping bag or comforter (you’ll need to bring one)

What can I add on?

One on One Sessions with teachers

Portrait Session with Photographer

Shuttle to have your luggage/personal belongings transported from parking lot to venue

Unplugged + Disconnected

One of the best gifts that you can give yourself, your family, your business, co-workers, and friends is to disconnect from everything.

We believe in the healing powers of “Disconnecting from work/screens/responsibilities to reconnect with yourself”

Be prepared to be unplugged at NINE 2020; no phone or internet service, except for emergencies. (Yes, your friends/family will be able to get in touch with you)

Driving Times:

From Salem: 1.5 hour

From Portland or Eugene: 2.5 hours

From Bend: 2.5 – 3 hours

Getting to Venue

To get to the venue, you will need to “hike” in from the parking lot. It’s a beautiful and moderate 3.1 mile hike/walk (no detours).

The team at NINE will help you with all of the details.

We encourage you to consider walking in your gear and helping us (NINE and Opal Creek) achieve our goals of reduced road traffic and less reliance on fossil fuels.

If you require assistance, there will be a gear shuttle available to carry your luggage.

Unique Needs

Some cabins are equipped with a handicapped-accessible ramp on the front porch and benches and handrails in the first floor showers.

Shuttle arrangements can be made for guests who have mobility issues preventing them from making the hike/walk to the venue.

After the retreat

We highly recommend that you spend an extra day or two AFTER the retreat either camping in Oregon or staying in a hotel to pamper yourself before returning home. This is an incredible time for self-reflection, and space to let everything truly sink in.

Land Acknowledgement

Opal Creek and Jawbone Flats are located on the land of the Northern Paiute people, the last truly free people in Oregon. We express our humility and gratitude for having this opportunity to host NINE Retreat on this land. We are in contact with the tribal leaders of the Northern Paiute people to explore ways that we can support them. We are continuing our own research to understand the tragic history of the Northern Paiute people.

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health.

At NINE, we always have a licensed therapist available for you to talk to.

"I attended NINE knowing that it was going to have an impact... I did not realize how one week in the beautiful woods would affect the way I think of and perceive my body, communication, past events and current anxieties.  

I returned home with a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence in who I am as a woman, wife, daughter, sister, friend.  I met and made so many friendships that will endure, this event has forever bonded us in a way none other has before.  

NINE is a place to get REAL - reality can, at times, be difficult but it can also be fun and incredibly rewarding in so many ways. This week is best summed up as a week spent among strangers (who become sisters) to self-reflect, empathize, laugh, learn, encourage, and JUST BE PRESENT."