“NINE shook me to my core. It made me rethink how I was feeling, living, and reacting to life.”


Becoming More By Doing Less.

You’re doing a great job.

We know that being a womxn today is not easy.

You know there is something more, but aren’t sure how to access it.

You want meaning. 

You want to be happy. 

You want to invest in yourself.

You feel like you should be spending this time on other tasks or other people. 

You might feel guilty for investing in your own happiness when there’s so much injustice and violence.

Your happiness will come from slowing down, strip down the unnecessary aspects of life, cultivating community, becoming more by doing less.

Feel less critical and more accepting. 

Feel more inspired and energized to show up for other people.

Open yourself up to more creativity and generosity.

NINE is focused on the whole womxn. 

It is at the core of who we are that we give you the tools and the space to come home to yourself. Discovering what is real and what is important.



NINE Retreat earned its name because of its numerological meaning. The number nine symbolizes wisdom, responsibility, intuition, compassion and great strength of character - a definitive representation of womxn and their intrinsic qualities.




“NINE is easily the best investment I will have ever made for myself and my career.”

“NINE taught me the importance of self care, to outsource, have better boundaries, to let people in, to ask for help.”


Take our free boundaries evaluation

The empowered and confident womxn has healthy boundaries.

Without them exhaustion, resentment or anger may be showing up in your life.

You may be in need of healthy boundaries.


The NINE womxn wants to live an intentional life.

She is compassionate, creative, loyal and loves the outdoors and nature. She values and craves community and friendships. She is at any age or stage in life where she needs a refresh or reboot. She lost her identity somewhere over the last few years and rejects the labels she’s been given. Deep down, she is fierce and wild and wants to love herself the way she loves the people around her. She’s searching for a new found clarity and purpose.